Widget issues since update

Widgets aren't working properly since last update
Widgets are not updating appropriately.

For example, icon that appears when connected to WiFi won't turn on when connected anymore. Lots of bits in my widgets are like this and no longer appear or disappear when they normally would.

It seemed to be an opacity issue at first but now a number of things are no longer working (i.e., icons not changing color when they should, etc)

Some pieces are still showing up when they should though (only a few)...so this seems even more bizarre

I thought i did something wrong i also had same issue

Hi, can you test latest beta? You can get it through the beta channel or via manual download at https://kustom.rocks/kwgt/apk

If that doesnt fix can you provide a non working example (possibly as small as possible) at [email protected]?

Installed it but still not working properly

not working for me also i even tried clearing cache and reboot after installing beta
but there is one thing i did a reboot it was showing to me wifi data was used 105.x mb then after some time randomly it showed 134.11mb and its been like 15 min i am using data continously its still 134.11 mb

Not sure what you mean by "provide a non working example"

Along with the previously noted issues associated with recognizing state changes for WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data, one of my widgets also has an icon appear when there are more than a certain number of notifications but this icon no longer disappears when I clear notifications.

same issue here, last unplugged is two days ago 😅

I'm running Android 10 One UI 2.0

same here, defo a problem.