Widget Components Disappearing

I have created some very cool widgets, Periodically, everything in the Kustom directory on the device (and I have had this happen on three (3) different devices) is returned to the default state and all the added data in the Fonts, Bitmaps, Icons, Komponents, and Widgets are cleared.

I have backed up this data to a Cloud drive. However, it takes about 1/2 to an hour to fix it and reconfigure the active widgets again. Please help

You are saying that the folder in /sdcard/Kustom is wiped? This is for sure not Kustom doing that

But... is there a way to prevent this? My font folder is emptied every time I add a bunch of new fonts to the folder and effectively destroys all my active and inactive widgets designed until I completely rebuild each one, which at that point it's usually easier to just start over from scratch.. very disheartening... 😔