Widget Auto-expanding on Tap

Since my first download/implementation of KWGT, I've had an issue where when clicking on the widget (and once in a while without clicking) to launch an app the widget expands/blows up oversize and gets cut off on the sides.

I tried getting in touch with Kustom support, they suggested a reinstall. Did that, no change.

Found online some people saying that locking the scale to 100% stopped it. Did that, no change.

I'm on a Pixel 2 XL Android 10 running Nova Prime 6.2.13 beta.

I use Nova launcher too on Samsung Galaxy S8. Every once in a while this happens but I have gotten it to almost zero by:

1. When first adding the widget to screen, resize it while it is empty. On mine, the widget area is dark gray transparent with white lettering. Resize before you select the widget you want to load. Don't resize after loading the specific widget if you get jt wrong then remove and try again.

2. I have found that the size blowing up is way less if you create the widget in the size you will use it...rely less on changing the scale.

Hope this helps