Why does it take too long to update a 3rd party variable in komponents?

I have a tasker variable set in a global in a komponent. It takes longer to update than when set in the root.

This is not normal, can you reproduce this always and 100% of the times? i have tried and i cant reproduce this in the lastest release

Yeah, I was able to reproduce it 100% of the time. I keep the app always updated.

I have changed my setup, but I remember how it was, very clearly.

I had a komponent with a text box containing a text item. The text box resizes by calculating the number of characters in the text. The text is determined by a text global which is a formula containing a tasker variable and an if statement (to replace a specific text with nothing).

The problem: Even when tasker set a normal text which had nothing to do with the if statement, KLWP did not update in the wallpaper.

1. The box resized according to the new variable correctly.

2. The space in the parameters area with the preview of the assigned global showed the old one, but when navigated back to the root of the komponent and opened the global, it showed the new one. I'm sure it's the exact same global.

Sometimes, when it didn't update, I simply opened the klwp editor, hit the save button and returned to the homescreen and it worked.

I now use the formula directly in the text item instead of linking it to the global. Now it works fine.