When I uninstall KWGT are the widget deleted from screen?

Are widgets on screen removed If I uninstall KWGT?

Deleting KWGT application will remove all KWGT widgets from your home screen but data in the external storage will be kept, so if you exported a widget you will be able to load it again if you reinstall the app and add a widget on the home screen again.

I have the same problem, but when I save/load/export presets none of them save and I cannot use them again.
My file path is internal storage>KWGT Widgets>Kustom
Then there are files fonts, icons, komponents, widgets
I’m not what I’m doing wrong and have lost so many widgets, especially after changing phones.

This is a different issue, is the export dialog giving you any error? Are you sure you selected that folder for Kustom? You can double check in the app settings

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