When first day of the week changes in settings KLWP breaks the date

When the first day of week settings change the wallpaper shows the wrong date even though the location is set correctly.

Hi, you mean the first day of the week in Kustom settings or the locale settings in your Android device? Also you mean wrong date as it shows the wrong day or just day of the week is wrong?

Hello Frank, i meant the Kustom settings and then the day of the weeks shows the wrong information. when i change the setting inside kustom then the wallpaper changes to monday but its friday right now.

So you change the first day of the week in Kustom and then $df(EEE)$ is wrong?

im not sure about the code that is used to show the day but the skin im using is :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=flash.theme.klwp&hl=en