WGet unable to utilize json wildcards

According to the JSONPath documentation, using an asterisk in place of a name functions as a wildcard and should return a comma-separated list of the values of a specific attribute for every item. When using a wildcard, however, Kustom returns only the first value in the list rather than the full comma-separated list itself.

If you don't have luck here, you can go to the G+ Kustom Official page and post the question there, you can tag +Tored in the post, he is well versed in this codes stuffs.👍👌

I've actually been talking with him on Reddit and he couldn't figure it out either. I think it's an issue with the JSONPath implementation in the app itself. I'm hoping Frank can shed some light on this if he happens to see it.

Oohh😁👍, so, Frank Monza is your only hope 😀👌