Wg works in editor but not in a widget

All my widgets that did "wg" stopped working a few weeks ago.

Now, any activity with wg works in the KWGT editor but not in the widgets. For example, a widget with a single text line containing

- $wg("quotes.rest/qod.xml", xml, "//quote")$ -

displays a long quote in the editor, but just "- -" as the widget.

Note - other network-accessing functionality like weather seems to work fine.

I tried restarting the device, created new widgets etc - same effect every time.

Device: Pixel 4a, Android version 11.

Btw, this is very similar to this old issue: https://help.kustom.rocks/i1351-rss-feed-only-shows-in-app.

Help? :)

Solved by reinstalling KWGT