$wg() is replaying old network requests each hour

I have a wg request that uses a local node app on my phone to screen scrape my local weather provider, and my refresh period is set to 1 hour.

The actual call is:

$wg("http://localhost:3001/"+li.loc(), json, .currentTemp)

The logging on the node app shows the node app gets requests for every previous location repeated each time there is a refresh,.

As I visit another location, another url is added to the list being requested each time and it can become a very long list with every place I've visited since reboot being rescraped each hour.

This is not a huge bug as KLWP correctly displays only the current location, but it is obviously not great and I don't want my local weather provider to block my requests when my phone makes so many of them.

Example Log of Requests



I have the same behavior in KWGT. Although it looks like a minor issue, in my case each call takes 2 seconds and the overall refresh time now takes ages.