Wg function and xml data

Hello,could you help me with xml data? For example - i've got such web server . I'd like to read "temp" data from each sensors to my widget with wg function. How i can do it ? Because widget writing "Loading data" . Thanks in advance!

Hello again, i solved the problem with single sensor( forgotten // before temp). But ,How it could be organised it for multiple sensors?

You can use WG with XPATH for this, you can find documentation online and a way to test it here: https://www.freeformatter.com/xpath-tester.html

So for example, for the LAST temperature you would do $wg(url, xml, //temp)$ then if you want to select the sensor you can use $wg(url, xml, //sensor[2]/temp)$ this will select the second sensor (index is from 1)

Thank you ! Good idea, all is ok. I thought that some cycle is possible^)