Weather Underground API

Where can the Weather Underground API key be changed. No matter what i uninstall and reinstall, when i click on Wrather Underground as my weather provider, it does not give me the option to enter an API key. I think I may have entered my key incorrectly and now it has me locked out...

This is driving me nuts. There has to be a file somewhere that contains this key.

Thank you,



Just uninstall the weather plugin and reinstall it or clear its data and cache, even though it should show you an option to change it if you click on it again once you already have it active. If you hidden the plugin then open Android Settings, go to installed apps, look for Kustom Weather Plugin then press "Stop App", go to "Storage" and press "Clear Data". That should then allow you to enter the key again.

Thank you so much! This worked! I had cleared the cache but never the data. Once again, thank you for a great product and great support!