Weather questions

So I see that I can do a short text complication and set it on my watch to show the “feels like” temperature, but I want the actual temperature. I don’t see any option for that. If I use a weather code in a normal text box, it never updates on the watch (I believe something to do with Bluetooth data retrieval not being enabled yet or something). What should I do for this?

Also I have a komponent to show weather symbols but those also do not update on the watch. Is there anything I can do for that?

I have a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

The data you can get from complications is limited to what the watch offers. You can try a different weather app on your watch that offers more complications data, like SimpleWeather or something.

So I tried simple weather and it also only gives you the feels like temperature JFC am I the only person who wants the actual temperature? :sob:

Try the “Weather (Hi/Lo)” value. If that’s not what you’re looking for, try a different weather app.

Well that isn’t what I want. I want the normal, actual temperature that every weather app shows you. I’ve already tried a few different ones and have yet to find one that has a complication for it.

What about the weather icons? Is there a way to dictate where it retrieves the data that tells it what icon to display? Because if I can’t have it be connected to a complication on the watch in some way then I don’t see how I could possibly get it to update.

Premium version of this complication set has a ton of different ones. Temperature included.


You can make your own preset and komponent with these pieces of kode.
Use this kode for Temp (exp. 55°F):

Use this for Min/Max Temp & feels like kode:

$wf(min, 0)$°$wi(tempu)$/$wf(max, 0)$°$wi(tempu)$ Feel like $wi(flik)$°$wi(tempu)$

Use this base Kustom komponent for weather images (or use your own images within this base komp, instructions on page).

Please note that with the current version of KWCH you must turn on wifi on your watch to have any hope of the images being updated. Mine are still hit & miss but Frank (the DEV) is aware and should have some fixes in the next build (including being able to use bluetooth too).

Don’t use shirt text. Use title. I used title for my galaxy watch 4 with stock weather and it gives my the actual temp not feels like temp. It matches the actual current temp my weather tile is showing. I hope this helps.

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