Weather on KWGT stops updating normally if provider is

If on my tablet I select as weather provider — weather basically stops working. It doesn't update on schedule, sometimes being off for like 3 hours when update time is set to 30 minutes. Even if it updates (last update time changes) — it doesn't display correctly most of the time: text doesn't update for anything, icons disappears or shows 2 different icons on top of each other. 5% of the time it works as intended, and even force updating weather data (as a tap function on some element of widget) doesn't help — whatever I wrote above happens.

If I go into editor and save widget — everything updates. Changing provider to openweathermap also fixes all of the problems. Rebooting, clearing cache, reinstalling doesn't help. Widget updates every second tick (I also tried other options), updates when screen is off (although it's on 24/7), Nova is forced to aggressively keep desktop in memory, none of the battery saving stuff or background processes stuff is applied in the system. And again — changing provider to openweathermap fixes problem, until I switch it back.