Weather icon not loading, only on desktop

Hello there,

I've got small problem, I've slightly changed installed widget which shows current weather (exported it as new one and loaded from it). As You can see the preview in editor shows correct image, I've checked that it has correct opacity and generaly it should work as it works in editor. Somehow it doesn't. I've tried to force the widget to refresh and show correct image but nothing helps.

I've found similar issue with KLWP:

Not sure if it's the same problem but sounds exactly like it's the same issue.

Any help on the problem would be great, If there's need for any debug information from my part just let me know. I'm using HTC10 with latest stock firmware.

Im currently working on this to make it more consistent, can you check latest beta available at and see if this is still the case? Also please check with a different weather komponent since some might not have images for all conditions thus resulting in that output.

I'll check it out. It's for sure not the weather komponent fault. It only doesn't have icon for thunderstorm, which isn't the case (I also checked logical conditions of the komponent and it looks ok). Like I said I'm going into editor and it works great, have no idea why on desktop it doesn't work. What is also weired, sometimes it doesn't show the lower icon, now it mostly doesn't show the bigger one, not sure what might be the cause, maybe I resized it (lately I've tried to force it to somehow refresh the icon with no luck). Maybe it has something to do with size of the widget, not sure.

I'll report to You how it goes with beta. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to change komponents in widget but I don't want to change to many things at a time to debug it properly.

Thx for fast reply :).

My problem is with KWGT, should I try:

Or You haven't put Your changes in that beta?

It looks that this beta solved this issue. It also solved I've other minor issue