Watch shows wrong time

I use df(hh:MM) function to present time. I set the layer Tzone to location default. Every once in a while, it seems the watch loses the location and instead of my time I get utc time (2 hours behind).
For now I switched to time complication but the problem with that is that the complications on the phone interface are different then the watch so I don’t get the right presentation on my phone (on the watch it’s fine)

In your phone’s KWCH, go to app settings >> Watchface. Make sure to set “Global sync mode” and “Data sync mode” to Always.

Thanks. I will give it a try

Same here. Started a few weeks back, just once in a while the time would be off, but reset itself after a manual sync force with phone.
This morning, after the latest app update, it seems stuck on time 4h ahead (I’m on US EDT). Syncing briefly corrects the time, but it resets to wrong time within seconds.
Both sync settings are on ‘always’.

If you use capital M it will return the month number not the minute

I will try to reprouce, are you on latest build of both?

Yes, I believe so: I’m on b407416. Updated this morning, both phone and watch (S22 plus One UI 6.0; galaxy 4 classic)

Quick update: The problem has not recurred over the past ~36h. No obvious changes on phone or watch during that time. No idea what’s going on.

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Issue returned after last update (phone 3.75b408115 watch 0.01b408115)
Both suncs on phone settings are set to always

I’ll just slip in and say I’m experiencing the same issue. Sporadic behavior and I can’t pinpoint exactly how or when it shows the minutes wrong, sometime even hour is wrong as well (always 1 hour or 1 minute behind).

It’s not a big deal for me but in case testers are needed I can help.