Watch screen not updating after touch

I have implemented some interactive changes (change color and/or type of info shown) which are triggered via touch action on screen items. The watch face responds promptly to the first touch, but not any subsequent ones: The touch seems to be recognized properly, but the screen does not update until it goes black and is woken up again (i.e. after wake-up the screen is updated according to the touch). It seems like it “resets” after a brief break (a couple of minutes?), i.e. it will again respond instantaneously to the first touch, but not subsequent ones. (Samsung S22plus/Galaxy watch 4 classic)

Thanks for reporting this!!! Having a look ASAP

Yes, I’m able to reproduce this.

Thank you, chatbot. Very articulate answer and, as usual, completely missing the point. “Try using a different watchface”??? :crazy_face: :rofl:

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