Watch screen not updating after touch

I have implemented some interactive changes (change color and/or type of info shown) which are triggered via touch action on screen items. The watch face responds promptly to the first touch, but not any subsequent ones: The touch seems to be recognized properly, but the screen does not update until it goes black and is woken up again (i.e. after wake-up the screen is updated according to the touch). It seems like it “resets” after a brief break (a couple of minutes?), i.e. it will again respond instantaneously to the first touch, but not subsequent ones. (Samsung S22plus/Galaxy watch 4 classic)

Thanks for reporting this!!! Having a look ASAP

Yes, I’m able to reproduce this.

Thank you, chatbot. Very articulate answer and, as usual, completely missing the point. “Try using a different watchface”??? :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Hey, sorry for responding to this old post.

As a brand new user i found this issue also.

What i did was added an object that rotates every second, made it transparent, and now my watch face updates to touches instantly.


Clever idea! However, I am concerned about the impact on battery life?
I will give it a try and see how large the impact is, though. Thanks for sharing!

So, I tried this for the past two days with three different watch faces: It works and to my amazement has comparatively little impact on battery life!
For what it’s worth: I followed the suggestion, made a single black dot that rotates every few seconds, and moved the dot off the screen so that there is no actual redrawing needed. Not sure whether that makes any difference at all, but thought I’d share.
Thanks so much, @Stealo! Brilliant suggestion!

Awesome, glad it helped. I ended up using the shape as a button to trigger a colour change, that way it wasnt wasted.

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