Wallpaper switching

Is there a way to make the wallpaper change every day? For example, I'd have a folder full of wallpapers linked to KLWP, which I'd then use to have a new one every day.

Yeah sure you can do that

  • Go to the background tab, select Type -> Image
  • Select the "bitmap" option then click the "Formula" icon on top (its a Calculator icon)
  • Write a formula like $tu(rndimg, 60*24, "/sdcard/pictures")$

This will make Kustom pick a random image from "/sdcard/pictures" path every 60*24 minutes, so once a day

Sorry for reviving this topic but is there a way to change the wallpaper to a random image I have in a folder every time I unlock my phone ? I can't figure out how to do it....

How about with weather changes instead of time?