Wallpaper is reconized

I have a problem with kwgt widget that i would like to resolve. I get an error says : cant read wallpaper, no storage permission. Would anybody know how to help me fix this problem?

Try moving your images inside the Kustom folder.

I am not sure i know how to do that? To me it is a problem with storage. I have went into storage i havent found a problem, however may check it again.

First, you can check where your main “Kustom” folder is by going to KWGT’s app settings >> General settings >> Main storage. When you pick an image, make sure that they’re inside this folder. There are some issues with storage access due to Google changing its storage access policy.

Thank you so much. Some how i started exploring kustom and got an image in the little right hand box when you click to open kustom. Whether if it changes when i change wallpaper we will see!.

Wallpaper in kwgt is working fine dear. Thank you so much for the help, and have a fantastic day.