Wallpaper elements not loading

Hi, I'm having an issue where my wallpaper is not longer loading all elements, I will get a couple of things like the background and some text and shapes but not everything.

I've tried reapplying, clearing cache and data, reinstalling, downgrading from 3.62 to 3.59, restarting.

Ive also tried creating a new kustom folder when launching the app for the first time then importing my themes and and also creating a new theme, all to the same result.

The preview when applying/editing however when I tap save or apply the wallpaper

My device is a Samsung s10, Android 12, build: G973FXXUFHVG4, Nova launcher 7.0.57

Nevermind fixed, turned out for some reason a page had disappeared in Nova launcher, so the page count didn't match in klwp. Added the page back and everything is now fine.