Visibility on tap

Is there a way to make an image appear or disappear on tap in either KLWP or KWGT? Trying to make a checkbox.


  • Go to the Globals and add a new global of type switch call it "checkbox"
  • Create an Overlap Group that will contain two images the "checked" state and the "not checked"
  • Add an Image object to the layer just created and pick the night image
  • Select the "Opacity" property and switch it to "formula" mode using the calculator icon
  • Click it and enter following code $if(gv(checkbox), 0, 100)$ this will set opacity to 0 when checkbox is on and to 100 when off
  • Do the same for the other image but invert 0 and 100
  • Add a touch action to the Overlap Group, set action to "switch global" and select the checkbox one
  • Done!