Vertical scroll animation skips when formula based on CPU used


I'm building a theme that has an overall animation loop of a vertical scroll for a "scan line" effect.

I was trying to build a stats page that showed information about resource usage, but when I tried to put either a text block with % or a progress bar, the overall animation started skipping / lagging.

What's interesting is that it happens on some totally unrelated pages but not others. I think it's related to some of the other objects in common between the pages it happens on, but I don't know why the simple presence of it cause other screens to skip when it's set to 0 visibility.

The buttons at the bottom and the text along the bottom are touch toggles with global variables.

On Stats / Stats there's an image I was going to put the progress bars around. When either a progress bar or a % text field is on it skips on there. On Stats / Health the similar images exist, but there's no CPU based thing going on and it still skips. Stats / Weather there is different information and it doesn't skip on that. It actually doesn't skip on any of the other pages I have.

I'm at a loss on what is causing it. I might just be overloading it but the fact it happens on some other screens but not all of them is really unusual to me.

I attached a klwp file with the issue, but can send it another way as well.