Version 3.74b unable to load images from Kustom folder

As the title says. I have verified that the images are in the selected Kustom folder of the device, however, Kustom is not able to load the images when formula to specify the local path. This issue only appeared after updating to the newest beta version

Edit: added screenshot

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The latest beta removed storage permissions, you have to either manually load the image or use flows to pic them for it to work, it broke my setup too

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Wow that’s dumb. I mean shouldn’t I be able to still access the files in the Kustom folder?

Kustom can access the Kustom folder BUT it cannot access it via the standard filesystem API, so if you use file:/// it might not work, please try replacing /storage/emulated… with “file:///sdcard/Kustom/…”, doing this will trigger a workaround and Kustom will try to access icons via the new system. Otherwise please use flows and the new storage APIs. I plan to add support to new storage APIs to globals too.

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