UV Index, Air Pollution, Pollen Count

Request for additional Weather Information such as UV Index, Air Pollution, and Pollen Count.

Specifically UV Index would help me out as I have recently been inflicted with an immune/skin condition where the sun invokes an allergic reaction that causes hive-like spots to appear on my skin within seconds of sun exposure. UVA can penetrate cloud cover, so even on cloudy days I need to be aware of current UV levels. Air Pollution and Pollen Count should be able to help out others in similar ways. I know UV Count and Air Pollution are both supported with OpenWeatherMap, but are currently in beta; I don't know about Pollen Count. For UV index, both a number and severity level displays would be useful; the same would probably go for the others.

Looks like https://www.openuv.io/ provides very good data for this, i might add OWM plus openuv for the Weather Plugin. Stay tuned.

Looking forward to it! Good timing too since the UV rays are going to start to get a bit more intense from this point out.