Using icons to create folders

Hi, I am very new to KLWP and KWGT and feel like an idiot cause I can't figure this out, so I am hoping someone can help me. As it says in the subject above, I would like to have icons on my live wallpaper that act as folders. For example, I would have an icon for social media that, when you click on that icon, it would open up a folder with all of my social media apps in it like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Any information laid out in as simple of terms as possible (lol) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Wondering the same thing. I've been exploring how to do this, but I feel like there's a solution out there that's just too technical that I haven't figured out. Maybe the folders have a url... I don't know.

I hope this feature request gets noticed and applied. Or any clue how to do this will do. 🙏

Guy, did you found the solution?

add Icon, go to touch tab, add a shortcut and choose folder, add apps.

This should also be possible by simply simply hiding/showing overlapping groups with some animations. Animations are only for KLWP, though. Showing/hiding can be done via the Layer’s Visible attribute.