Use same kwgt widget in a different launcher

I had created a kwgt widget which I was using in smart launcher. Now I'm using smart launcher pro and I want the same widget back. Unfortunately when I go to add a widget it lets me add a kwgt widget but I have to start from scratch. I can't import the old version while building it as I don't have pro. But isn't there way to just use the old widget itself on the screen. I don't want to build it again. I want to know if I can directly add that particular widget instead of a generic kwgt one from my launcher.

There is a bug in current version that does not allow the user on free to load the widgets from the "backup" section, in next version this will be possible again (its already in the beta), so you can just add a widget, click on "backup" and load the existing widget from there.

Unfortunately this will not "link" the 2 widgets, so they will still act as 2 different ones, so edit to the first will not be reflected to the other.