URI difficulties

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I’ve been experimenting with the new option to change Globals by using the URI option in KWGT. I’ve tested it in tasker and got it working with a basic global change, but I’ve had issues with more sophisticated stuff that I’d like to report as a bug or a feature request.

I can’t seem to change a global that’s within a folder for example, kwgt://global/glbfldr/fldrglb/data does nothing, where kwgt://global/glbname/data works fine. I wonder if it’s to do with the URI structure using the same slash as the folder. Is there a different separator for folders to use in the URI? Folders are an important part of my widgets globals being organized, so folder support would be super helpful!

The second thing I noticed is that I can’t use the kwgt URI to set a global in the same widget. I assume this is by design or lack of need since you can set globals anywhere you can open a URI. I have a unique case where the name of the global variable I want to write to is based on the content of another variable. So when using a flow, since the name of the global is a name chosen in the drop down and not typed/formula supported, I can’t write to it. Any thoughts on this or plans to support a formula global name in the Flow?

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I don’t know if it is intended this way but if your global is called folder/variable and you use folder%2Fvariable instead in the uri, it works, at least it does for me

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That’s what I was looking for, thanks!

Nice catch! Yeah global folders are nothing but globals with a slash in the middle, when you use an URI it won’t automatically escape them but parse as an URI i can check if this can be fixed in the meanwhile this is a totally fine way of doing it

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