Unsplash source

Hi. I'm trying to get unsplash as the source for my wallpapers, using:




Those directions works fine in my web browser, showing a random photo, but I don't know how to put it in klwp with wg.

I am using:

$wg("https://source.unsplash.com/1920x1080/daily?nature,travel.json", json,)$

I know for sure that I need 1 or two more attributes, but don't know which ones could they be.

Any help, please?

Maybe this tutorial from Brandon Craft for 500px can give you a help, if not you can ask in the G+ Kustom Official page👍


Ok, will give a shot. Thanks!

Doesn't work; I have nothing to inspec because unsplash goes directly to the image (not to a page that I can read)

Hey Hammer👍, if you don't get luck with this tutorial I recommend you to go to the Kustom Official questions page and ask there.You have many users and moderators that can help you, I recommend too, tag +brandon craft the creator of this tut and many others, he is very kind to help the Klwp community, explain that you see his tutorial and you haven't luck with it. I don't use many rss feeds, probably the problem is the different parts of the code that you aren't using in the right expresion.👍😃

I've just done that, thanks. I wouldn't need rss or json, but no expression with unsplash source seems to work for me.

Thanks again!

Good to know that you have a solution😁👍👌

Haha! I didn't make myself understood! I mean that I have just posted in g+!

Bien Manuel😁😂👍 vi que lo pusiste en G+, yo no soy muy bueno con el inglés 😂🤣 pero pienso que hablas español, espero que tengas suerte con tu pregunta, en el futuro te recomiendo que hagas tus preguntas allá porque hay muchos usuarios que te pueden dar una mano.😁👍 Suerte!!!

Sí, soy español! Gracias de nuevo por tu ayuda!