Unreliable Expand Notification via Nova on MIUI

So, I have an icon on a widget in KWGT that launches an action. This action is a Nova Action which is to expand notifications. I'm running MIUI 9 on my phone.

Since KWGT doesn't seem to have a direct way of expanding notifications, I thought I could go through Nova Launcher.

When I press the icon, it only rarely expands the notifications. It usually just has the notification bar pop down, but the notifications are not expanded.

The problem may be with KWGT, as when I tried running the action straight from Nova, it worked all the time.

Please help :3

I cant do much, are other touch actions working properly?

Well, another action via Nova, app search, works fine. I also have another icon which does an action through Pop Up Widget and that also work fine. It's just the notification pull down that's not reliable ;_;