Unable to use bitmap -> image or normal image tool

Everything works fine on my old phone, now I got a new one. (Poco F3 256gb 5G)
I can use third party widgets that include images, but can'T add own or edit them.


If I add an image and then choose the image, it asked at first for permission of storage. I accept it. (I checked it is completly accepted). Then I click choose image again. A "pop up" opens and I can choose the file or picture. If I click on one, I get back to the kwgt edit page. Like it would have worked. But it doesn't it just shows an placeholder and not my picture.

I gave kwgt every permission, disabled battery optimization, reeinstalled the app multiple times, did everything again

I checked on multiple platforms for updated of kwgt and my system apps. I have from every one the beta, the newest and the official tested. Nothing helps.

Without the custom picture tool KWGT is useless for me.

Any other ideas??