Unable to change KWCH temperature settings

I can’t get my temperature text to display in fahrenheit even though I change it in my settings. Also some of my texts aren’t displaying.

Hi, thanks for checking KWCH beta, ok, so, did you send the watchface after changing the app settings? Because currently KWCH doesn’t sync settings automatically you need to send the watchface.

Can you be more specific?

I was able to figure out the temperature readings. Apparently if I set my weather as a complication you have to use title for the right weather temp to read in Fahrenheit. Sometimes when I make a custom text it won’t show all of it, like it’s missing the last word but it only did that twice and I synced it a couple times and that worked. My biggest issue now is when I use weather icons other then the stock watch ones, they either won’t update or they don’t show at all it would just display a ? In it’s place.

You were using “text” instead?

Normal text?

So if you use a standard icon Komponent in Kustom it won’t show up on the watch? Will check that ASAP!

Only a couple of different custom weather icons will but they don’t really update based on current weather

This is now fixed in version 0.01b328313 / 3.74b328312

Weather should correctly update if phone is paired and settings should be reflected on watchface immediately

New version is currently being approved on Play Store and available for manual download here:

Is this new version available for download?

New Version KWCH keeps asking for "write on External Storage" permission - #8 by frank

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