Unable to access GIF/video feature

I've been unable to see the clipboard icon used to access the GIF/video feature on beta 3.42b927314. I'm running Android 10 Open Beta2 on a OnePlus 7 (GM1901).

Tried clearing cache and uninstalling, but no dice. Asked a discord member it to try out, they were successful in accessing the GIF using the same app version.

Can you please look into this?

Thank you

I'm having the same problem

You copied the code to your clipboard and the clipboard icon is not appearing when you try to paste the code in your preset?

Correct ✔

Coppied the code but no paste button 🔘

Even cleared my clip board, re-coppied the code and still no paste button

I'm in Klwp 3.38 and I can't test it in the 3.43 version, maybe like you said is a problem in the 3.43 version, this is a function that the developer is testing.

I am running 🏃 3.43 beta as well