Two issues: incorrect weather; none of my changes to settings save

Pro account here. Sorry for the long subject. So, I noticed my Widget was empty, blank. So I clicked it to open kwgt and then hit save and closed the app. The Widget was still blank. Clicked it again, hit save, minimized it, Widget was cool, working. Closed the app, blank Widget. I opened the app again and went to settings and chose a new weather provider then clicked to year l update now and noticed the pop-up displayed the previous provider. I went back to chose and it was still on old provider. Then I tested every setting and none of them make the change I select.

I reinstalled the Pro key, because I also noticed it doesn't recognize that my account is pro. Didn't help.

What the heck happened and how do I fix it? Please. Thanks for any help.

I just wanted to say I'm having the same problems. Widgets keep disappearing and settings cannot be changed.

I'm not a pro acct, but noticed the issue the morning of August 16th.

I have a Samsung S7 Edge with Greenify running. Attempted to turn it (Greenify) off and have Kustom app exempted from hibernation. Also have it exempted through Samsung settings. Also have Nova Launcher but no settings seem to be interfering.

Without having had any luck getting a response to this issue, I attempted to Uninstall the app and reinstall. I was concerned I'd lose my widgets.

I didn't lose anything and kwgt is now working correctly. I can change settings and the widgets don't disappear.

I'm satisfied now. Hope this helps someone.