turn off transparent background in pattern lock screen.

Hi, I made a custom lock screen, looks beautiful, when I swipe to unlock it goes to the lock pattern screen with a semi transparent background, what is seen behind is the default lock screen of Android Oreo. when I don't use Kustom Lock screen the pattern screen appear with no transparency. is there a way to deactivate the semi transparent background in the pattern lock screen?

I don't understand well when you said,when I don't use Kustom Lock screen, but I think that you mean that Klck is unlocked and you are in your pattern. I don't know where is your background semitransparent, but you need to make this and I think are going to work.

Make the background of the lockscreen solid color transparent, 00ffffff, put your semitransparent in a shape with the size of your screen and in fx of the shape go to texture >bitmap and elect your image in image or only put the color if your background is a solid color. Now create an animation in the shape,

react on > background scroll, and choose the swipe that you use to unlock your klck, action > fade out, and you are going to fade out the background when you unlock your Klck