Traffic stats reset when display is turned off

Traffic stats will count up until I turn off the display at which point the count is reset to 0 bytes. FWIW android's builtin stats are saying I've used 86MB mobile data.

All traffic stats are effected, but the specific call I want to use is `ts(mt, a, 1d)`.

Using Android 7.0, non-rooted Samsung Galaxy S7.

This is not normal, can you confirm you are on latest Kustom release which is 3.22? Also are you sure nothing is preventing Kustom to run in the background? I did some test and i am not able to reproduce your issue on Android 7.0 or other releases.

It seems to be keeping track now, having a hard time reproducing the issue. Is it possible it was a temporary issue after install? Can't say for certain some stats aren't lost though, since you seem to be keeping track of the stats yourselves and it won't match internal stats until next month when it's reset.

I do not think anything would prevent kustom from running. I had already added the app to unmonitored in battery settings to prevent that very issue, and could reproduce the issue easily even after reboot.
My previous android phone was at lollipop and not a samsung, so I do not know if I have missed something else

Yes, I am using latest kwgt (3.22b700407).

(forgot password, new account)

Couldn't reproduce original issue, i.e. reset when turning off the screen, but found some other issues. Data stats do not match internal stats, and are reset when I reboot.
I didn't notice the stats drifting apart as much as these tests would suggest when I'd been checking from my last post til now, so it might only be effecting relatively small amounts of data, or small windows of time.

Started from a 0 count in both stats, no reboot since a few days back.

android (Internal stats): 721 KB
kwgt $ts(mt, a, 1d)$: 241.89kb

Turned on wifi so I didn't have to keep switching between them.
Stats never changed, let device stay on on homescreen a few minutes and went back to check in editor to be sure.

android: 722 KB
kwgt: 0b

Stats never changed.
Turned off wifi to gather more stats.

android: 1.2 MB
kwgt: 385.88kb

Turned wifi on again.
I let the device stay on the kwgt screen for around 10 minutes with whatever dev setting keeps the screen on when usb is connected, so at least the activity never got killed.
Stats, again, never changed.

I repeated all the steps from reboot one more time, same issues.