Touchstart vs Touchend

I found a bug probably regarding touchstart and touchend events (if this is the correct naming in native development - I'm web developer). I have a setup where I have Nova-Launcher Folders with swipe-up-gesture to open the folder. Above (+Y axis) this folder lies an area from KLWP with touch event. This event gets triggered when I do my open folder gesture and release my finger over this area.

As you can see in the attached video I have this forecast area with touch to open the weather application. When I do swipe open the gallery folder to choose between Gallery and Google Fotos and I release the finger above this area the weather app opens.

As a web dev I would say klwp touch binding is on touchend instead of touchstart. Can this be changed or is it mandatory for KLWP to work? If so - no probs just tell and I change my setup ;-)

Greetings and thanks for this awesome Tool