Touches are propagated to the KLWP even when Widget is on top


I'm new and I just bought full version of KLWP. I'm quite happy but I found that even a widget is on top of the KLWP the KLWP still receives touches. In my case I using APW PRO Contact widget and when I tap on contact which is over the KLWP touch area not only contact is dialed, but also associated app from KLWP touch area is launched. This is quite annoying and slows down a lot and it is something I didn't expect. I have latest Nova Launcher Pro and also latest KLWP.

Any Idea how to fix this?


Hi Daniel, sorry for not replying here too, this looks like a launcher issue even though no one reported this on Nova up to know, i would suggest checking with Nova devs if this might be an issue on their end since Nova should not send events to the live wallpaper when a widget is clicked.

Thanks, I will contact Nova support.