Touch areas misaligned from actual location of object

In this particular case, I was trying to have a Global List of different Social Media options (set as text) with Typicon arrows on either side to scroll through the choices. Then I made an area (a simple Square shape with a clear/transparent color applied) and set it behind the arrows with a hotspot to open the corresponding app.

And up until this point everything works as intended. But when I add an animation to it, the square touch areas get shifted out of the appropriate place somehow which makes the whole thing not function properly.

I'm not sure what is needed in order to diagnose and/or troubleshoot this problem, and to ultimately have a solution for correction, but I'm hoping that perhaps there is an answer that can be gleaned from the attached screenshots.

Any solutions that might help are greatly appreciated!

I know that Klwp have problems with touch when rotate an item, the touch stay in the first place and don't follow the rotation. I don't know if this is the same problem with your animation. A workaround is put the touch squares out of the overlap group in the root of the preset in the position that you want, and make them scale out,inverted, with the same gv switch that you use in the other animation.