Touch and globals

Touch can't set globals with touch, and touch can't change globals at all other than switches, please change that, please, there's no use to me at all for the touch section untill you fix this.

You can set switch and text globals with touch, so this allows you to basically to everything including setting colors, what exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe its already possible.

I'm trying to achieve numbers, but i didnt kniw text worked

If you want for example to do a counter that increase by one every touch you can do this:

- Add a TEXT global called "counter", set it to 0

- Add a text entry with $gv(counter)$ as text

- Add a touch entry, select switch global, select counter

- Enter in the formula section $gv(counter) + 1$

Now every touch will increase global by 1

Hi, I've got a similar problem.

I created some 'buttons' and want them to show a specific item when pressed. Only one of those items should be 'active' at the same time.

So I'd like to either use touch events to set global switches to a certain value (on or off, no toggle), or trigger animations based on a specific value of a global variable (in my case one of 0-7). Or maybe some knows a better way to do something similar.

Thanks in advance.