Touch actions don't work in the notification

I'm making a custom notification for my music player with KWGT. I already have a great and well-functioning widget, but if I try to do the same thing in the new notification, only the skip to next track button works. I can't skip to previous track, play/pause or open an app. I already tried to set the touch actions to a shortcut I made with another app that pauses, but that didn't work either.

I use a Motorola Moto G6 Plus with the latest updates I can get at the time of writing.

The music player I use is Vanilla Music. As I mentioned before, I already know it works with KWGT, so the problem can't be on their part.

UPDATE: I just tried a few more actions and Kustom actions and the volume control don't work either.

Same situation here, only one touch action works. Even if i copy and paste the element with the touch action, the cloned one doesn't work, only the original. This seems weird, it's not like it's a limitation of notifications, as many apps have multiple functions in their notifocations, spotify and youtube for example.

I have the same problem, only the action of the item in the bottom of the list works, if you move another item to the down it's action will work and others will stop

y'all sure the item isn't "behind" a blank space something else is drawn over, either intentionally or unintentionally?

the reason I ask is thath wen I first got the app I didn't care if I made the stuff the right easy l way as long as it looked like I wanted out to.

I was screwing with positions and anchors and then changing the offset and, sometimes, even the radius to get the thing where I wanted it lmao.

by doing it that way I discovered that you get a lot of blank space that can be layered over what you THINK you're tapping on, but it's really residual blank space from a nearby object that you have sweet as higher in the layers than your button.

which I finally found out either nothing happens or something else from a different button happens. I just wish someone explained it to me like that, bc im old and slow and stupid.

y'all are probably much too smart to be an idiot like me but the way you described the music player button calling the function of another button nearby made me think of that, so I thought I'd share. Just for the offhand chance that my stupidity may help someone save time so I didn't go through it for nothing. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Hey man I appreciate the response 3 years later. But since asking this question, its been confirmed that Kustom Notifications only support one touch action at a time, defaulting to the highest layer. Your advice is great though for working on widgets and wallpapers, and I dont think you're stupid! To be "old" and having an interest in making custom widgets is fing awesome man.

PS come on Yall at Kustom cant make more than one button work in a notification after 3 years?? I didn't know it was such a hard problem to solve