Touch action to launch document?

I have created a widget that displays a txt file (like a sticky note). When I tap the widget, I want to open the file for editing. I can set a touch action to launch my text editor app, but I do not see a way to launch a document. Is this possible?

Yes and no, you need to find a text editor that allows you to create a shortcut to open a specific text file, i am pretty sure there are ones capable of that, then, just add a touch action of type "shortcut" and create the shortcut from the text editor app.

Thank you. I see, I was looking for my text editor in the list of shortcuts, when I should have been looking for my file manager (ES File Manager Pro). So I've set up the touch shortcut, but now when I tap my widget it vibrates but doesn't launch anything. Perhaps a permissions problem?

I'm using stock Android 7.1.2.

My issue too. So simple text editor... .Just opens last doc. But I have individual lines so I need to open a specific file not last file. Tried 5 of them. .Still no luck. Not giving up though. So should I be trying to map it through the text editor or file manager? And if file manager, adding activity? This is definitely a caffeine night. Figuring this one out... .. .....