To utilise the Samsung edge screen

Hello Fellows

For Samsung 7S it was an widget called ‘Edge feed’.
Using this widget, allowed displaying rss feed (text) located on the screen but especially at the edge.

Today’s, I am trying to redefine similar widget using KWGT. But locating KWGT area on the screen is limited far from the edge.

Is there any idea to bring widget area closer as possible to the screen edge ?

Gil S.

I’m think it’s launcher limitation. If you’re using nova, you can remove the padding, so it has less gap. I think some other launcher also have that feature.

As an alternative you can just use KLWP instead.

Hi Robin.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Do you think that this will be fixed while using KLCK or KLWP ?


yes, in KLWP and KLCK you can edit the almost whole screen,

Hi Robin.

Thanks for your help.

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