Timezone seems to be hard-coded to GMT - but only on the widget, works correctly in editor

The time is displayed correctly in the editor, but shows GMT time in the live widget. I'm in USA Mountain zone and the time displayed is 6 hours in the future.


Unfortunately I'm experiencing a similar issue, Latvia is having its Summer Time and it is showing a time 3 hours behind the actual time, which would mean it is hard coded to GMT and it's frustrating because I can't find any support

I ended up rolling back to the Play Store version: 3.71b308215

I'm happy to report that the time is correct in this version. I wasn't relying on anything in the beta version per se, so rolling back was ok for me - ymmv. Regarding the beta, I believe it addressed a couple of visual issues in the editor, which is great, however I'd rather have the correct time instead :)

Same here. I left the beta and went back to the play store version and it doesn't seem to have helped though.