Thumb image visualize for news

Hi, i want creat a widget for read news from different sites. I have create block and i have successfully obtain the news title and description of the news. Is possible have the image of the news? I have this: $wg("", rss, 0, thumb)$, put in the text but it doesn' visualize any image. I try to pass it in an image element but doesn't work. How can i do? Thanks!

P.s. i attach a screenshot to explain better.

Unfortunately that feed does not contain any thumb image, it DOES have images but those are inside the news content and as such cannot be easily extracted (the description element has a CDATA field with HTML inside and then image references so its not that easy to get them from there).

And in this link, is possible?

No, same issue, you can check by just looking for a "thumb" tag

Can we do it now? If it doesn't have thumb tag?