The probability of rain does not work for me. Always 0% or 1%

The probability of rain does not work for me. Always 0% or 1%.

“$wi(prainc)$” and “$wi(prain)$” does not work.
I also bought the Kustom weather plugin and tested all providers but it always comes out 0 or 1 for the variables. Everything else works as far as I can tell. I also compared it with the weather apps (websites) and it always says something different.

Cant tell what might be wrong with your setup, Im just here to report that it works fine here with accuweather provider.

Edit to add: you are using the wrong code. wi(prain) and wi(rainc) return 0 or 1 whether the provider supports precipitation and rain chance.

You should be using wf(rain, 0) and wf(rainc, 0) for precipitation and chance respectively.

Hello, I had another look at the Kustom Wiki and just found the solution.
Just wanted to post it.

$wf(rainc, 0, 1)$%.

I understood that the codes above only show the support whether the rain probability is available or not.

The new code actually shows 12 hours. But you can easily change this. By turning the 12 into a 1. This makes it possible to see what should happen in the next hour.

$wf(rainc, 0, 1)$%.

Many thanks for the quick answer.

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