The editing area isn't showing the correct layers for the restored "on screen preset"!

The editing area under the visual display for the wallpaper doesn't show the correct informational layers after restoring your "on screen preset". It actually just ends up retaining the layers from whatever preset you had previously loaded.

This error is extremely troublesome and definitely makes editing, customizing, and creating extremely difficult. Please let me know as soon as possible how and when this issue can be fixed, thank you.

I'll try my best to provide any additional details that you think might be helpful or be more explanative of this situation so that ultimately we can expedite the process of correcting this flaw.

You have this error in previous versions of Klwp? You saved the new editing by tapping in the disquette icon in the editor?

No, I never had this particular issue happen before. It's only started doing this since I've been using it since the last update.

The particular preset I'm currently using is locked by the author, so in order to keep any of the changes I've made or make additional improvements I have to use the on screen restore feature to be able to get back into the file for editing. I only click on the save button (disquette icon) when I want to apply it as my wallpaper.

When I open the KLWP app, even though the preset was saved and is actively running on my desktop, the area containing the layers at the bottom either doesn't load at all or continues showing the layers from the preset I had open previously.

I'm not sure what to do now when I want to make changes to it. I'm currently stuck on this because I don't want to lose all the personal editing that I've done.

Any theories or suggestions you have that might help in this situation would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

P.S. Just now, when switching back to the app after making this reply, the editor loaded the preset again and it seems to be showing the correct layers for the it this time. Very odd!

Not sure if that helps but maybe it will explain things further and give some idea of why this it's happening!

I see users reporting issues with the editor in Oreo phones,in the Kustom Official page in G+ maybe you can post your issue in the K Official, maybe is the same problem.