The date format selection doesn't work

Whenever I want to select the 24 hour format it always shows the 12 hour format, this happens even ef the 24 hour format is selected, and when I try to change it manually in the widgets it defaults to the 12 hour format instead of the 24 hour format I would really appreciate if you could tell me how to fix this

You need to set the 24 or 12 hours in the Kwgt configuration, the 3 dots in the top left of the editor.

Hello I've already selected the 24 hour format and it doesn't change it just stays in the 12 hour format

Oh oh, what is the code that you have to set the time?

What is the time that you have in your phone,24 or 12?

Si hablas español y quieres escribir en español yo entiendo

Oh I see why it didn't change thank you so much sorry to bother you I didn't knew how it worked, now it's fine

It's my pleasure, good that you solved your problem👍👏😃