The calendar colors are not functioning properly

Unfortunately, the colors do not work as they should.

It should be like this:
I have the letter “I”, which is colored in one of the colors from today’s calendar entry.

I have tried different things and got stuck with the following configuration:

$ci(ccolor, 0)$

Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the correct colors for today (as it starts with 0 for the first day right?).

Can someone maybe help me with this?
(btw. the current event names are also wrong)

This is what is displayed currently:

I use:

$if(ci(color, 0)=#FF000000, ci(ccolor, 0), ci(color, 0))$

This works for the first upcoming event regardless of whether it’s today or next week.

Thanks for the reply!

Sadly this also doesnt Work. Same issue as my Methode :frowning:

Well I don’t see any days on your calendar that would match


so I’m not sure what your formula is looking at. My formula doesn’t care which day an item is on, it just shows you the next event. And changing the 0s to 1s would show you the second event.

Maybe try $ci(desc, e0, a1d)$ AND $ci(ccolor, e0, a1d)$ which both must look at the first event tomorrow for its information; maybe it’ll help make things clearer? These all work correctly on my phone.

This doesn’t work correctly on my phone.
It’s still picking the wrong color and names :confused:

Sorry, maybe someone smarter than myself can help. I’m out of suggestions.

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Thank you for your help, but the issue may be unsolvable. Your support and dedication have been invaluable, even if we didn’t get the outcome we wanted. I am truly grateful for everything you’ve done. Thank you for going above and beyond.