Text item won't obey "max lines"

Here's a screenshot


This is an Oreo bug, confirmed, working on this

Okay! Thank you

[Bug] Fixed Width Text MaxLines Overflow

Fixed width text displays more lines than set to in MaxLines.

Notably, the first extra line would carry on from the last MaxLine instead of starting at a new line of its own anyway.

Tried to troubleshoot the offending character using tc(cut), with results in attached image.

Not sure if related to https://help.kustom.rocks/i907-text-item-won-t-obey-max-lines, but phone is on Lollipop instead of Oreo as referenced in that problem report.

The bug was fixed recently!

Meant to post an independent bug post, not sure how I accidentally posted my bug as a reply to this! Must have been sleepy. Let me try posting again.

Anyway, I'm on the latest version 3.29 and I still have the bug, so must be a different bug from this then.

Is there an ETA on this? It's a rather annoying bug.

Fixed in 3.30