Text doesn't show

Only the date and time currently showing. Nothing else

Can you provide additional information? Maybe some screenshots of the problem?

Sure! Whenever I have a text other then time or date like weather, next event, steps data pretty much anything other then time and date it shows in the KWCH editor but not on my galaxy watch 4. I’ve tried everything I can think of like rebooting the watch uninstall the app and reinstall and change watch face and back again. I don’t know how to attach pictures or I would send a screen shot

You can use complications to display steps and other information. Calendar data, does not currently work.
Info frank KWCH Next appointment is not displayed - #2 by frank

Did you try an add a Text Item at the root level and go into the edit field then remove the “time formula” and just enter the plain old text that you want to see on your watch?
I’ve done this on my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the word does appear.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic_001

You can use the steps from the link below to display data on the watch using complications: