Test mode to change variables

Please consider creating a test mode where it is possible to temporarily change a variable like Battery level or temperature to be able to test formulas that use them.

I've been doing things like using if statements to set the colors of a progress bar to change based on battery level and if it's day or not (night is just a duller variant of the color for day). Blue for 100-90, green for 90-50 and so on.

$if(bi(level)<=5, "FF41006B", bi(level) >= 90 & ai(isday)=1, "FF00F0FF", bi(level) <= 50 & bi(level) >35 & ai(isday)=1, "FFFFFC00", bi(level) <= 35 & bi(level) > 15 & ai(isday)=1, "FFFF7E00", bi(level) <= 15 & ai(isday)=1, "FFFF0000", ai(isday)=1, "FF0AEC10", bi(level) >= 90 & ai(isday)=0, "FF00A0FF", bi(level) <= 50 & bi(level) > 35 & ai(isday)=0, "FFD2D000", bi(level) <= 35 & bi(level) > 15 & ai(isday)=0, "FFCC8D00", bi(level) <= 15 & bi(level)>5 & ai(isday)=0, "FF6F0000", ai(isday)=0 & bi(level)>5, "FF0EEC10")$

It'd be nice to be able "trick" formulas into thinking my battery was any number I need, to easily test formuals that use battery level.

Right now I either have to wait till I go blow the point I need or change all the condition numbers to just above whatever my bat is currently at to trigger the color I want I test.

Thank you for creating your wonder full app.

bumping this up, as this will be very useful

maybe ux wise it can be a test tab where you can add list of formula that you want to test, and the tab can be disabled/enabled.